Happy festival df ouas



도전 그리고 진정한 혁신
Challenge and true Innovation

OUAS DNA is a Challenge for new things.
OUAS loves think and do new which does not exist in the world.

The first Earphones/Headphones specialty online shopping mall
The first Earphones/Headphones free-test system store
The first HANSA TOY flagship store in the world

Now that We have started earlier than anyone else,
which is why OUAS was able to succeed.

브랜드 가치 중시
Emphasize the value of the brand

In the beginning, OUAS imported headphones and earphones. As succeeded in the business, we expanded the business domain to more various products such as mouse, laptop sleeved, alarm clock, etc.
When we select the brand, we do not have any limit for category if that brand has a great Design, Color, Value, Creativity and Uniqueness.
Additionally, OUAS maintains the value of its brand for a long time as we build a clear BI through the precise positioning of the brand, branding, and marketing

윤리경영 & 사회공헌
Ethical management and social contribution

We shall do our utmost effort to ethical, economical and legal responsibility. We share the responsibility of philanthropy through the HANSA Day and cooperating with various media.

좀더 즐겁고 신사는 오우아스 세상
Enjoyable OUAS world

We would like to hold a sensuous festival to connect brand and customer as our name OUAS(The meaning of OUAS is festival in Egyptian)

Ryan Kim, ceo of OUAS Co., Ltd