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safari ltd

Our Mission is to teach children the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play.

Safari Ltd was established in 1982 in Miami, Florida. Safari Ltd is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of more than 1,000 educational, hand-painted and sophisticated toys.

Before designing each figure in the USA, their sculptors thoroughly research the anatomy of each animal to ensure Safari Ltd’s figures are as lifelike as possible. They continually update each sculpt as new scientific data emerges.
Each product is meticulously hand-painted with sometimes up to 20 different steps in order to produce the vibrant colors and details.

Safari Ltd’s products are also phthalate and lead-free to safeguard children’s health and to protect the environment. Since their products are also imported into the European community, they passed EN 71 which is the comprehensive and strict testing of the EU. They also get the Korean Certification Mark.

Safari Ltd’s collections include more than 1,000 products, spanning from the mystical to the historical for example, dinosaurs, wildlife, dragons and fairies, horses and farm life.