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hansa toy

만져보고 싶고, 만나보고 싶은 동물인형 Stuffed animals I would like to meet and touch, HANSA TOY

HANSA TOY has established in 1972 in Australia by a young man who grew up longing and dreaming of animals.

HANSA brand name has been named after him, Hans J. Axthelm.

HANSA TOY is very similar to the real animal rather than the dolls that have been character. It is so realistic such as the feeling was stuffed. We have over 350 animal with over 5,000 of design from mouse to giraffe

HANSA TOY has a large scale of production factory in Clarkfield, The Philippines. All materials used in the making are imported from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan only which is the most complete product in the world.

By pursuing a better quality and more delicate, HANSA TOY is no.1 manufacturer of stuffed animals receiving a great trust and love from customer in 31 countri

동물들의 디자인

섬세한 인형 Detailed stuffed toy, HANSA TOY

HANSA TOY launched exclusively in October 2010 by OUAS in Korea and HANSA TOY homepage opened in November, 2011. The first HANSA TOY flagship store in the world opened in Apgujung, Seoul, South Korea. It has begun to active branding.